Meet the PIcArbs Arbitrators

You are free to choose your own arbitrator.

We recommend that you can use PIcArbs Panel Arbitrators who are:

 experienced Personal Injuries/Clinical Negligence Silks or senior barristers

 wholly independent

 working in established chambers

 trained PIcArbs arbitrators with a collegiate approach

 fully familiar with the law relating to personal injury and clinical negligence claims


Donít litigate, Arbitrate...

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PIcArbs is the trading name of PI Claim Arbitration Service Ltd, company reg number: 8940629, registered office:† 59/60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3HZ, a not for profit company,† Copyright PIcArbs Ltd 2017

† QC Panel†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Barrister Panel

Robin Allen QC


Peter Burns

Peter Burns

Simon Browne QC

Patrick Blakesley

Patrick Blakesley

Neil Block QC

Laura Begley

Laura Laura

Edward Bishop QC

Jason Cox

Jason Cox

Charlie Cory-Wright QC

Darrel Crilley

Darrel Crilley

Joel Donovan QC

Stephen Cottrell

Image result for stephen cottrell barrister

Robert Glancy QC

Katherine Deal

Katherine Deal

Sally Hatfield QC

Sally Hatfield QC

Bernard Doherty

Barrister Bernard Doherty

Theo Huckle QC

Katharine Scott

Barrister Katharine Scott

Patrick Limb QC

Nick Hillier

Nicolas Nicolas

Angus McCullough QC

Angus McCullough QC

James Laughland

James Laughland Image

William Norris QC

Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert

Andrew Ritchie QC

Andrew Ritchie QC (1).jpg

Martyn McLeish


Susan Rodway QC

Shahram Sharghy

Shahram Shahram

James Rowley QC

Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Robert Weir QC

Christopher Stephenson

Christopher Christopher

David Wilby QC

wilby photo.jpg

Lisa Sullivan




Richard Wilkinson

Image result for richard wilkinson tg chambers barrister



Andrew Young

Andrew Young