PIcArbsí arbitration is ideal for group litigation and class actions, for instance:


 †††††† †††††† NIHL claims (noise induced hearing loss)†




 †††††† †††††† TVM claims (trans vaginal mesh)




 †††††† †††††† PPL claims (pharmaceutical products)




 †††††† †††††† FP claims (food poisoning claims)

Group Litigation / Class Actions

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PIcArbs is the trading name of PI Claim Arbitration Service Ltd, company reg number: 8940629, registered office:† 59/60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3HZ, a not for profit company,† Copyright PIcArbs Ltd 2017

Save time and legal costs:

 † †††††† by e-filing and e-serving documents;

 † †††††† by all parties, lawyers, barristers and arbitrators having online access to the court file 24/7;

 † †††††† by paperless hearings;

 † †††††† by efficient document management;

 † †††††† by weeding out fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

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 †††† †††††† Appoint one arbitrator or a team of arbitrators to take a collegiate approach to† handle hundreds or thousands of claims in parallel.

 †††† †††††† Choose the lead claims on the liability issues.

 †††† †††††† Plead the issues out.

 †††† †††††† Serve the evidence in pdf or word format through the e-filing system.

 †††† †††††† Choose neutral evaluation or settle the issues at a JSM or in a few cases resolve the issues at an early hearing.

 †††† †††††† Then serve the quantum evidence for every claim through the e-filing system.

 †††† †††††† Resolve the quantum issues by ENE, JSM or in a few cases hearings.


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