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Don’t litigate, Arbitrate...

Costs Savings ...

PIcArbs Arbitrations are less expensive than litigation

because they involve:


 No court fees

 Lower hourly rates

 E-filing  & online documentation for hearings

 Neutral Evaluation

 No costs budgeting costs

 Fewer case management hearings

 No court inefficiencies and adjournments

 Cooperation saves time and money


For a detailed estimate of the average costs savings: click here.


Funding and Assessment of costs:

Claimants enter LASPO conditional fee agreements.  ATE premiums are not recoverable from the losing party save in clinical negligence claims. The costs of assessing costs are much reduced.  Parties can issue a part 8 application and ask the courts to assess the costs or arbitrate the costs through CADR (the costs mediation/arbitration service)


What if Fixed Costs are imposed on the Intermediate-track?

Extending fixed costs into the “intermediate track” will drive parties towards arbitration. 

The costs in PIcArbs arbitrations will be fixed at no more than the fixed costs imposed in cases between  £25,000 and £100,000 in litigation.

Lawyers in arbitrations focus their energies on gathering evidence and co-operating.  Whereas in civil litigation legal costs are wasted on multiple permission applications in case management hearings; avoiding being struck out for default; old fashioned paperwork filing and service; taking procedural points; waiting around at court and on grossly wasteful “trial windows”.

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