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 The e-filing system ...

The Panels ...

   18 QCs                                                     18 Barristers

        for cases over £250,000                                           for cases of £25,000 - £249,000







Our panel members are experienced barristers from leading chambers

We take a collegiate approach to help parties resolve their claims 

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Instant e-filing & e-service -

secure access to all of the documents 24/7 - paperless hearings

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PIcArbs is the trading name of PI Claim Arbitration Service Ltd, company reg number: 8940629,

registered office:  59/60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3HZ, Copyright PIcArbs Ltd 2019



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for personal injury and clinical negligence claims

Can we ADR the costs issues?

PIcArbs and CADR have combined to provide a fast and efficient

costs  system to resolve any costs issues after the substantive claim is completed.

Assessment start to finish takes 3 months using e-filing and experienced costs evaluators:

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Colin Campbell

Peter Hurst

  Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence litigation in England and Wales is slow, expensive

and old fashioned, it is paper based. 

Modern lawyers and insurers are using ADR instead to achieve better results faster.

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Sign an agreement to arbitrate the claim.

Specialised, experienced, independent, arbitrators help you resolve the issues.

No court fees.

Faster start to end times, efficiency and cooperation.

Reduced legal costs.

Control over the procedure and evidence.

No costs budgeting.

Unique, simple e-filing, GDPR compliant, paperless hearings.

High prospects of settlement.

Binding decisions.

Neutral Evaluation

Sign an agreement for a Neutral Evaluation of the claim.

Our specialised, experienced, independent, NEvaluators will assist you to settle.

There are no court fees.

You achieve faster start to end times, more efficiency and cooperation.

The legal costs are reduced.

We provide a unique, simple e-filing system which is GDPR compliant. Attend a paperless settlement meeting.

Choose a paper or a joint meeting NEvaluation.

High prospects of settlement.

Non binding evaluations.

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